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Choosing Your Lawyer

“The lawyer-client relationship is a special one of trust and confidence.”

We know that trust has to be earned. We start developing this relationship with an initial telephone and/or in-person meeting for which there is absolutely no charge. The next step, if you so desire, is a representation we call Investigation Only, which is how we assess whether we might be helpful to you and your case while you assess whether we are the best legal team to represent you.

How to Start?

Investigation Only is usually the first phase of representation in which we are the lawyers for our clients. There is no legal fee for this initial limited representation. There may be very modest costs, such as the cost of requesting medical records and we will ordinarily advance these charges. The purpose of this initial phase is investigating the case to assess whether we can be of assistance and so you can decide whether we are the right legal team for you. During this period of approximately five weeks, the client has the opportunity to interact with our attorneys and staff and gauge whether we are the right legal team for the case.

What happens next?

At the conclusion of the Investigation, we will sit together and discuss our findings. If we believe there is no need for the assistance of an attorney, or if we believe we will not likely be of substantial assistance, we will honestly say so in a straightforward manner. If we determine that the case is meritorious and we would be well-suited to undertake it we will, if you like, discuss full representation with you. However, if for any reason you decide that we are not a good fit we will, without hesitation or regret and without any legal fee, provide all the results of our investigation to you so you can seek assistance of other legal counsel or handle the matter yourself. We believe that this risk free trial period is a critical benefit to the client and provides the best mechanism to make sure we are focusing all our efforts on clients who can develop trust in us and cases that we, together, can make a difference.

What happens if we agree that Brown & Jennings is the best legal team to assist you?

If both the client and attorney agree to proceed with the case, both parties will sign an agreement of full-representation, ordinarily on a contingency fee basis (no legal fee, if there is no recovery), so as to begin the litigation process.

When we take a case, we do so with years of experience knowing that while settlement is often a good outcome, it is almost never a good starting goal. In today’s legal environment, if the responsible insurance representative or their lawyer perceives any weakness or hesitation from the client’s lawyer, the chances of a fair resolution diminishes greatly. This means we prepare each case for trial from the very start so that the adversary knows we are ready, willing, and able to bring this case to trial. This approach gives our clients the best chance for a satisfactory resolution.

Our staff includes a full-time legal investigator and experienced paralegals that assist the attorneys in every aspect of a case. Every member of our firm is committed to answering your questions throughout the process in a timely and professional manner.