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Is it the right thing to do?

Why Our Clients Are Right

IMG_7540-2Some people that seek our assistance voice concern over whether or not they are doing the right thing in pursuing a case. We respect that concern.

First, let us talk about the concept of fair compensation.

As early as kindergarten we learn that when one child takes something of another’s, the teacher makes the child give back what was wrongfully taken back. Accordingly, we know a core value in our country is that when someone takes away something that they have no right to take, they have to give it back. Likewise, if a person wrongfully takes or breaks something, they have to pay for it.

Unfortunately, too often through neglect, or sometimes by design, others take away that which they have no right to take – freedom from pain, financial security, a productive life, or even a loved one. And those who have taken away that which they had no right to take, sometimes assert that compensation should not be made for what was wrongly taken. The bedrock law of our country, as embodied in the United States Constitution and the Virginia State Constitution, guarantees the right to trial by jury as a fundamental part of who we are, so that ordinary citizens can decide what is right under the circumstances.

When an insurance company is involved, that insurance carrier has charged a specific premium to underwrite the risk of their insureds misconduct. We ask any prospective client, “Do you believe that an insurance company would ever hesitate to demand payment — if not, sue — for any amounts due on a policy?” The answer is always no. We ask what the prospective client’s insurance company would do if the prospective client were to suggest to the insurance company that he or she only pay some portion of the premium, or just that part having to do with medical bills, or pay it long after it is due. The answer is always the same, the insurance company would demand full payment, without delay. At Brown & Jennings our clients need not fear that we will seek for them anything to which they are not entitled. We seek for our clients only that to which they are entitled to – fair compensation for what was taken from them that should not have been taken.

Second, let us talk about responsibility to our community.

We rely on each other to follow the rules and we have an obligation to stand together for mutual protection from those who would carelessly or intentionally disregard those rules so as to cause harm to the individual and our community. Often, our client’s cases shine the light of accountability on conduct harmful to others, helping to make our community a safe place for our neighbors and their children. Despite the financial hardship, the endless doctor’s appointments and the grief and loss, we hear from our clients time and time again that while fair compensation is important, “If this could happen to me and my family, to my children, it could happen to anyone. That is why I came to see you.”