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Careless Drivers


The safe operation of a motor vehicle requires constant application of situational awareness, sound judgement, and adherence to the rules of the roads. Unfortunately, drivers through neglect or inattention can sometimes fall short of what is required for safe driving and cause a wreck that injures others. In these circumstances, the law provides that the injured person can pursue claims to include damage to the motor vehicle and injury to the person. The moral underpinning for such claims is something that we all learned as early as kindergarten; when one person takes something of another’s, he or she is made to give it back.

When someone takes something they have no right to take, they must return it, and pay for it in the event that they break it. Likewise, when careless drivers take away or break something that they have no right to take or break- for example, the freedom from pain or ability to earn wages- the law may require them to make recompense. The difficult part of what the law provides is determining the circumstances under which payment should be made as to the value of what was taken away. At Brown & Jennings, PLC, we are experienced and dedicated to assisting our clients through the difficult processes surrounding fair compensation in motor vehicle collisions.