Georgia car seat laws are guidelines that dictate the requirements of children under age eight to be fully restrained in a car seat. These laws are designed to guide parents in selecting the right car seat for their child, providing safety and security for children everywhere. The purpose of this blog is to discuss about Georgia car seat laws, what they mean and how you can be a responsible parent by following them.

Benefits of Georgia car seat laws

  1. Saves lives

This is the main objective of Georgia car seat laws. Georgia car seat laws are designed to help save lives. The amount of deaths from traffic-related accidents has been on the rise, with an increase to 37,461 in 2004. The resulting cost to society is more than $500 billion annually, due primarily to the increased cost of health care and lost work productivity. If all children were properly restrained in a car seat, approximately 4,000 lives could be saved every year. This is exactly why you need to follow Georgia car seat laws when transporting your child in a riding device such as a booster chair or a baby car bed.

  1. Increases safety

Transporting your child in a car seat instead of a regular seat does not only save lives but also increases safety for your child. By placing them in a car seat, the risk for head and neck injuries are diminished. The risk for being ejected from the car is also lessened because of proper use of the car seat belt. You also reduce the risk for suffocation as well as minor injuries since children cannot easily injure themselves with their own limbs while they are being transported in an infant or toddler’s car seat. Additionally, properly seated children will be less tired than their untowardly unrestrained counterparts and therefore able to sleep better at night.

  1. Reduces the severity of injuries for your child

Georgia car seat laws will protect your child from more serious injuries because of the degree of protection that is provided by a car seat. The body harnesses and thick padding will cushion most of the impact in case of a sudden stop or crash. Between 1982 and 1999, the presence of car seats saved the lives of more than 207,000 children under age 5 years. Because you are legally bound to follow Georgia car seat laws when transporting infants in your vehicle, you will understand why it is highly recommended to invest in a children’s car seat if you do not already own one.

  1. Promotes a positive attitude toward safety

Children who are properly restrained in a car seat will learn about safe behavior that they can practice when they grow up. This can have benefits such as students doing better in school if they do not need to be present with behavioral problems such as ADHD and hyperactivity. Volunteer organizations will benefit from children who are properly restrained in a car seat, who will grow up to be law-abiding citizens and productive members of society.