Timeshare ownership is one of the fastest growing types of vacation ownership and a booming industry in its own right. However, as with any other type of business venture, there are those that take advantage of the unsuspecting public to make a fast buck. The consequence can be devastating when an unsuspecting timeshare owner has been duped into purchasing something they never intended on buying in the first place. Here, you will learn about how to hire the best timeshare lawyers in Myrtle Beach and what you should look for when choosing a timeshare attorney.

Who is a timeshare lawyer in Myrtle Beach?

Hire a timeshare lawyer in Myrtle Beach is a legal representative, who specializes in timeshare law. Specifically, these lawyers are experienced in the purchase and resale of vacation ownership interests and helping owners with existing timeshares as to how they can protect their interests. Sometimes these lawyers work as a separate business entity that focuses solely on timeshare matters or as part of an organization that deals with other elements of law, such as real estate and housing law. Regardless of how they practice their profession, all attorneys who advertise themselves as having expertise in this field have undergone professional training that makes them qualified to handle your matter.

Roles of a timeshare attorney

Although the exact role of a timeshare lawyer varies from state to state, in general they can play the following roles:

Advise you on the purchase of a timeshare

When you are considering purchasing a timeshare, the first place you should go to is your local timeshare lawyer to discuss any concerns you might have. A good lawyer will be able to sift through all the information you have collected and help you make an informed decision. Most importantly, they will advise you on what to look for and what questions need to be asked so that, upon purchase, you do not regret your decision.

Negotiate your purchase

In some states, a time share lawyer is also required to negotiate for you with the timeshare company during the sale of your timeshare. This is because it is not always as simple as just deciding to sell your timeshare, especially when there are other owners competing for the same units. The good lawyer will be able to manage all aspects of this process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Represent you in dispute resolution

The final role of the timeshare attorney is assisting you in any dispute resolution, whether it be with a third party seeking compensation or a dispute within one of your own units. This includes taking care of any legal documents such as termination letters and affidavits.

How to Hire the Best Timeshare Attorney

If you are looking for a timeshare lawyer to represent you in these cases, there are several factors you should think about before hiring one:

Reputation and Prior Experience

The most important factor is the reputation of the lawyer. Ideally, look for individuals who have a good track record of representing clients in this type of situation and who have handled matters similar to yours before.

Fees and Costs

The second factor is how much they charge to handle your case, which is usually calculated on an hourly basis. The fees will generally vary between lawyers so check a few out first before making your decision.

Timeshare ownership, while a fun and exciting way to vacation, is still a business venture and should be approached as such. However, knowing how to hire timeshare lawyers will help you stay better informed of all your options and avoid making any costly mistakes.