Discrimination is a big issue in America, and most of the time it centers around race. But there are many other forms of discrimination that can happen to people in different situations. One of these forms is the 504 plan California which covers people with disabilities, or those with severe learning disabilities, who may not be able to do college level work because they cannot cope well with change or problem solving.

What is 504 plan California?

Refers to section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prevents discrimination against students with disabilities. The 504 plan California refers to a plan developed by a college student, or any school-aged child that met the requirements of the act. This plan would then be used by a team of people that work with each student who has been granted one of these plans to determine what they can do and what accommodations they need to succeed in school.

One thing to keep in mind is that having one of these plans does not mean you are disabled, but it is more like having an extended program for students with special needs who have trouble keeping up with all their classes because their disability makes things difficult for them.

Benefits of a 504 plan California:

Having one of these plans allows the student to have extra time on exams, or have an extra day to complete a paper. Some schools also let students use a computer or scribe when taking exams, which is really great because if you had to take a test with no assistance at all, it would be very difficult and frustrating.

Besides that, they can also get better teachers and better attendance in school as well as get their work done in order for them to pass their classes. It is good for the school’s learning environment because it means students are more likely to learn more material if they are getting help with their classes instead of still having problems.

Overall, a 504 plan California is a great thing to have if you are experiencing special needs because it helps you get all the accommodations you need so you can succeed, and without it life can be very frustrating. But having a 504 plan is not for everyone, and sometimes students who have one of these plans decide it would be better for them if they didn’t have one. So if you think that this plan may not be for you, or that these plans just aren’t available in your school district, don’t worry because there are still other possibilities out there for kids with special needs.