A Post Conviction Attorney will fight on your behalf. If you are convicted of a crime, this process is your last chance to seek justice and freedom. If you’ve spent years in prison or jail, you may have questions about the legal process and the options available. The Law Offices of Daniel J. Wright has a team of skilled lawyers on its side. Let them help you understand your rights. Read on for some helpful tips.

An experienced Post Conviction Attorney will explore every possibility of vacating your conviction. This may be possible if you were convicted of a crime but have since learned that you have grounds for appeal. In some cases, due process may have been violated. A knowledgeable Post Conviction Attorney will investigate all factors in your original case and make sure that your rights were properly protected. If this is the case, it may be time to appeal.

The legal system has become incredibly complex and confusing. In the past decade, mass incarceration policies have filled prisons with people who should not have been convicted. This has led to complex rules of review for convictions, many of which are difficult to apply or unclear in their purpose. A knowledgeable Post Conviction Attorney can navigate these complicated rules and win your freedom. This is especially crucial for those who have spent decades behind bars. A Post Conviction Attorney is the best person to handle your case.

An experienced Post Conviction Attorney will fight for your rights. The ultimate goal of your attorney is to secure an exoneration, not punishment. If you are convicted of a crime, you should seek legal representation as soon as possible. In California, this process exists because legislatures and courts recognize the potential for human error. Depending on the type of crime, you may have the right to seek a post-conviction attorney. A skilled Post Conviction Attorney will fight for your freedom by advocating for reduced penalties or a reduction in your sentence.

Your criminal conviction may be a major deterrent for your future. It may prevent you from getting jobs or pursuing higher education. Additionally, your criminal past can prevent you from getting certain healthcare jobs. With a qualified Illinois Post Conviction Attorney on your side, you can get your criminal record erased. Expungement is a legal process, but it’s complicated and only available after a certain period of time. Your attorney will be able to help you navigate this process, and get your conviction dismissed.

Effective assistance of counsel is the most important constitutional right. A post-conviction attorney will carefully examine the trial record to determine whether you received effective representation. While many mistakes during the trial process don’t qualify as ineffective assistance of counsel, a serious error may prevent a fair trial. The best Post Conviction Attorney is one who can fight your case and get your criminal record thrown out. If you have been wrongfully convicted, seek legal representation as soon as possible.